The List

The following is approved vendor list I have worked with in the past. Which I highly recommend to book your special occasions and or events for the future. Make sure you let your vendor know who sent you.


Hilton of Ocala

Lizbeth is the perfect guide to all your special occasions and or wedding planning. She is fluent in spanish and english and literally hand on’s from start to finish. Lizbeth caring spirit and most amazing “can do” attitude to make sure everything runs smoothly. She is definitely my one stop shop for hotel accommodations ,venue and planning the most beautiful events.

Rocket Entertainment

Johnny is the man with a plan when it comes to planning wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate events for all your music needs. Speaks fluent spanish and english and is equipped to tackle big or small venues.



Daniel Bray Photography

Daniel is one of the most talented published photographer I have ever encountered. I’ve worked with him on plenty of occasions , for about two years now. Daniel captures the most priceless candid images and has an amazing eye for bringing life to a still image.

Brazen Boudoir

Jennifer is a force to be reckon with when it comes bringing light to something intimate. She has wild spirit and shows great interest in making you feeling comfortable in your own skin.



Brett Missick Photography

Brett is my go to guy for big events and Live shows. He really nows how to get the money shot without breaking a sweat. Brett is the most down to earth human I’ve ever met.

Michael Morris Photography

Michale is hands down very detailed and understanding. He can interpret your envisioned and bring it forth through the lens. He is very well rounded and works all kind of events.