OMG!!!! In LALALALALA love this product right here its a godsend to all make up!It literally makes your skin feel brand new. You could pretty much add this to any kind of  make up you want. Want to make an eyeshadow lipstick add it to it. Want to make add some moister to dull product BOOM add it to it. This product is pretty much a MAKEUP KIT MUST! You have endless combinations on how to use or apply this product to practically everything out there. Now as for the price well is it worth it? HELL yea "Swipe to the Left"!

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NYX Total Control Drops

Let's talk about flawless make up application. Do I think this particular make up spoke to me? I would say yes! At first, but as I continued to wear it my face begin to eat it! Those of you who have oily skin combination knows that happens oh so ofter with foundation, and that doesn't work with me. Therefore, I think the best type skin is dry to normal. However, It does give off a dewy look and I loved it but than again 4 hours in it was gone. So you be the judge.

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These are probably the best sunglasses made for our generation, to bring back that classic vintage look. Now the only thing I can complain about these glasses are they are completely tented. So therefore, if it is slightly foggy in this sun your not going to be just seeing anything. They're cute but not made for fog. But with sunglasses are. I definitely am feeling Desi Perkins whole shadeline , just waiting for the few more and i will own the entire collection.

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When Desi Perkins came out with these awesome shades, I definitely could not resist. So it's something I had to get online and wait in till the time countdown begin. For the most part online sponsorships/ collaboration sales usually crashes over and over again.However, I would say white fox boutique had it under control.

I received my item in amazing condition, no broken parts, packaged very well. What little doodads to keep the lenses from getting smudged, a case to keep them protected as I travel. Also came with a little booklet for returning items in her collection in the due dates which is pretty awesome most companies don't do that.

.As for the customer service it was definitely impeccable. I received an email right after I purchased product. Also receiving a call when the product was being delivered, then I received another email notifying that my delivery was at the residence and also gave me a survey to see to make sure that everything came in order and everything was in good standing. Absolutely 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  rating definitely well worth the wait. 

For the product itself very lightweight the guard on the nose is very comfortable and my nose is wide set so that was a plus for me. The only thing that I could take away from this is the actual ear gaurds that go behind the ear, are a tab bit rough but I've purchased some plastic arm covers which really made a difference but other than that they're awesome.

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